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They say 'the proof is in the pudding', so please take a look at our work and judge for yourself. Everything you see here is on brief and delivering measurable results.  
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    When we launched Lovejoys the Line took care of absolutely everything, they came up with the name, delivered great branding …

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    When we launched Lovejoys the Line took care of absolutely everything, they came up with the name, delivered great branding and stunning packaging, all supported by some clever strategic thinking. Our sales are well ahead of forecast, for me that says it all!

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    The Line is an intelligent and creative agency, where everyone is clearly passionate about what they do. They are never …

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    The Line is an intelligent and creative agency, where everyone is clearly passionate about what they do. They are never afraid to challenge our perceptions and this focus on delivering the right message means they consistently present work to an exceptionally high standard.

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    RQA have been working with the Line Agency on a regular basis for several years now. They consistently deliver unique …

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    RQA have been working with the Line Agency on a regular basis for several years now. They consistently deliver unique and fresh designs and marketing solutions for our association.

    Mel is very attentive and always has the time to listen to our requirements, relay these to the design team and keep us in the loop throughout the design process.

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    I went to the Line Agency with an idea of what I wanted but they blew my mind with theirs! …

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    I went to the Line Agency with an idea of what I wanted but they blew my mind with theirs! They suggested things that I had never even thought of – all were great!

    I have also been impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. It has been such a relief knowing that they are making sure it all looks great for me.

    Thank you.


Great packaging design is second nature to us

We created a dog food brand and product range that was second to none.
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Having built a solid reputation for packaging design, we were enlisted once again to provide another brand for a range of dog food that would initially feature exclusively on Amazon.

We gave a comprehensive branding and artwork production service, from initial brand names and creative concepts through to setting up approved artworks to printer specifications. We helped our client every step of the way to make sure Amazon were on-board with the product range, even providing a presentation and pack mock-ups to help seal the deal.

As you can see from the final product range, which includes complete meals and treats, we designed artwork with real mass appeal that helped to emphasise the natural elements of the dog food itself. From natural hessian background to the simple messaging and clear product variant colourways, the second nature brand was exactly what our client and Amazon were looking for.

Furthermore, not only did we create the second nature brand and packaging designs but we also provided A+ pages which were met with great approval by Amazon. Check out our news story here for more information on our A+ page expertise.

If you would like your packaging to be a natural winner, then give us a call or…


Top of the pecking-order with Lidl

Our creative and packaging expertise provided Lidl with two exclusive new brands.
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As a trusted, long-standing supplier to Lidl, one of Europe’s largest supermarkets, we are often put to the test when it comes to creating new brands and packaging.

We were tasked with rebranding an existing Lidl product range into two separate brands, a frozen and a fresh product offering. The rebrand required completely new brand names, logos and a complete change to the overall look and feel of the packaging.

After intensive brainstorming and with some tweaks and fresh ideas throughout the creative process, we came up with two names – Red Hen (the frozen range, containing 10 product variants) and Coopers (the fresh range, containing nine product variants).

With the names in place, we proceeded to the design stage of the rebrand which included different design routes for each brand. Each route incorporated a detailed rationale and packaging visuals, along with the pantone colours and typography used.

All of our designs, market research and ideas were presented to Lidl and as you can see from the pack shots, they chose some stunning packaging.

Once the design routes were approved, we provided photography briefs for the Red Hen products and created the illustrations, crafted by our own in-house illustrator, for the different product variants in the Coopers range.

From initial concept, to design and artwork production, we provided a comprehensive rebranding service. Needless to say, we are proud mother hens to see our designs for both ranges displayed in Lidl stores countrywide, along with all the other packaging artworks we have produced for Lidl throughout our long-term relationship.

If you want your packaging to rule the roost, give us a call or…


Purrfect packaging designs

We added another natural winner to the Lovejoys® range of pet foods
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Following on from the commercial success of the Pure & Simple food for dogs, our longstanding client, Su-Bridge Pet Supplies, relied on our packaging design skills once again to create a grain free cat food offering under the same brand.

We used the same stylistic cues and jargon-free wording that engaged consumers with the dog food packaging, but with an added feline twist. We sourced the perfect cat and kitten images, took in-house photography for the bowls of cat food and added distinctive colour ways to differentiate between flavours. The end result provides a bold and stylish packaging that is visually striking on shelf.   

The Lovejoys® Pure & Simple cat food range, consisting of three tasty flavours, has proved just as successful as the other Lovejoys® pet food products. Cat owners have responded well to the new offering and the trade are delighted with the sales, making Su-Bridge Pet Supplies another happy Line Agency customer.

If you are looking for your packaging to be the cat’s whiskers, then give us a call or…


Our redesign of RQA’s magazine, Quasar, was out of this world…

RQA logo
Our design skills and print expertise helped to re-energise this print-based publication
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We have produced RQA’s quarterly magazine, Quasar, for many years (it isn’t just a massive and extremely remote celestial object, oh no, it’s a magazine too).

The publication, one of the main tangible benefits of being a member of the RQA, offers articles and updates to help inform and advance their members.

After several years of the same look and feel, it was decided by RQA that a redesign was required to give the publication a more modern and engaging appearance. The brief required us to present visuals for a front cover, themed article and Chairman’s Message.

Our creatives got straight on the case, exploring new stylistic techniques for print and reviewing a range of popular and on-trend publications for inspiration. Engaging infographics and slight visual cues in the logo to express the real meaning behind the name, were some of the elements which were brought to the forefront to offer a more engaging reader experience.

In the end we presented two distinct routes which both met the brief and after some slight tweaks and a bit of ‘mix and match’ between the two options, the new redesigned Quasar was successfully delivered out to RQA members. The client feedback was positive and the members were very impressed with their new and improved quarterly magazine.

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Clipboard and magnifying glass line illustaration

Our wild bird packaging designs are soaring…  

Our experience in packaging design helped an existing brand to reach new heights.
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Having previously helped our client, Su-Bridge Pet Supplies Ltd, to launch a whole new brand and product range, they entrusted us once again but this time to revitalise an existing brand’s packaging.

Extra Select, a well-known brand of pet food and supplies for small to large animals, needed a fresh update for its wild bird food range. After being briefed by the client, we flew into creative action. Our designers produced the new wild bird food label and bag designs, which incorporated a modern look and feel, whilst still fully encapsulating the Extra Select brand.

To run alongside the new packaging, we also designed banner stands for exhibitions and a product catalogue featuring the entire Extra Select wild bird range. Needless to say, our on point design, engaging copy and visual impact has helped the brand to soar.

The redesigned range has contributed towards a very successful period for Su-Bridge and their stockists. Sales were increased and wild birds up and down the country have been fed very well, throughout the cold months and beyond.

Our designs have contributed to Extra Select becoming a predominant brand in independent stockists nationwide and is available via the Su-Bridge website. 

To make sure your next packaging redesign makes your products fly off the shelves, give us a call or…

Water Filtration

Helping provide a lifeline for a potentially deadly problem

Our creativity and experience of taking products to market ensured a solution that would be successfully introduced around the world.
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  • Coldstream Product Range


Introducing Coldstream, a brand to safeguard your drinking water, making it taste great. 

Water covers two thirds of our planet and clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental human need. Our client’s mission is to make the very highest standard drinking water filters, capable of providing clean, safe drinking water straight from the tap, anywhere in the world.

The first step was to develop a brand and identity for the product range. Our client, KLT Technologies, have been making high tech ceramic moulding and filtration products in the UK for over 20 years. Therefore, the brand needed to reflect quality, trust and have an underlying sense of ‘Britishness’ about it, that would appeal to the overseas market – hence the name ‘Coldstream’ a name, synonymous with the British Army. The brand took shape with the ‘A’ of Coldstream becoming ‘Albert’ the sentry guard who features on literature, guiding you through products and explaining how they all work.

Studio photography followed using a model dressed in full uniform holding and pouring water into glasses – with on-location photography to show the products working in-situ which would feature on packaging and literature; keeping in mind everything we produced needed to be translated into Chinese. Technical illustrations were created to show how the filters work to help visually explain the process and working closely with a cardboard packaging company we developed the boxes for the individual filters and larger filtration systems to create a comprehensive, creative, professional and above all marketable solution.

We have developed the packaging for a range of products which are now successfully being sold in China, America and Australia – all enhanced with point of sale literature, website, sales tools and exhibition materials including a fun lifesize stand-in of a Coldstream Guard to use at trade shows.

This project is a perfect example of what we can do for you, we ensure that we understand your market, your product and brand, and come back and wow you with our thinking, backed by organisation and first class systems with a promise to never miss a deadline, with all costs agreed and approved before we start.

So… If you are looking to march to a different tune, or would like help to stream your brand into international markets, don’t get caught off guard, just drop us a line.


We lined up miniature figurines for a colossal campaign!

Teaming up with Mike Harrington Photography, we provided our long-term client, Isis, with yet another iconic campaign.
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Using effective visuals to convey innovative ideas

Following on from previously well-received marketing materials created by the Line, Isis requested us to deliver another print and web-based campaign. Keeping with our client’s marketing style, the adverts had to have a strong sense of word play and be visually engaging.

After the initial meeting with Isis, our creative team soon established a series of concepts that perfectly met the brief. Our concept involved using miniature figurines in different scenarios, from bungee jumping to fork lift driving, predominately within an office environment. We would then use the copy, provided by Isis, to work in unison with the visual. Ultimately creating an advert that detailed the key services Isis provide for their new and existing customer base.

Having received the green light to proceed we commissioned photography, using Norfolk based company Mike Harrington Photography (check out their website here). We sourced suitable miniature figurines to fit with each scenario and collaborated with Mike and his team to provide the props and sets for each advert concept.

The finished campaign, which has steadily been released throughout 2015, has proven to be a huge success so far. Reactions have been very positive with the general consensus being that the concepts are visually engaging with a clear and concise message behind them.

To guarantee effective visuals for your next print or web-based advert campaign contact us today by telephone or just drop us a line…

Quill Pen and Ink line illustration

Our campaign headlines help give history a future!

Our creativity and expertise in launching marketing campaigns provided PEL with a modern approach to past subjects.
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Preserving marketing campaigns with a modern twist. 

PEL (Preservation Equipment Limited), a long-standing client of ours, provide materials and equipment for conservation and preservation of archives and works of art. With a trusted reputation that is recognised worldwide by major institutions, PEL are leading the way in the preservation sector.  

To promote PEL’s new sourcebook we were briefed to create a marketing campaign that would cross several medias, including print based literature and online e-shots. The main directive was to add a fresh, unexpected and catchy approach to what is often considered a dry subject. 

We conceptualised and designed a series of adverts based on strong wordplay and visual depictions. The common denominator being that each concept linked to products that could be purchased from the sourcebook.

The adverts published so far have been well received as PEL release them over time. Consumer response has been very positive with many comments focused towards the unique approach, which adds a sense of fun, grabbing the attention of the reader.

Make your marketing campaign stand the test of time, contact us today by telephone or drop us a line.


We added new lines to a successful brand

After successfully launching the Lovejoys® range, our client was keen to stretch the brand and develop new products.
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Pure & Simple, making good dog food less complicated.

With grain free diets in demand and pet food manufacturers, in a hurry to get to market, confusing consumers with technical jargon and complicated messaging.

Lovejoys® recognised an opportunity in the market, launching a grain free wet food. We advised a straightforward and consumer-friendly approach, naming the new sub-brand Pure & Simple to convey honesty and trust.

Market research proved that many owners prefer to feed their dogs on the type of food they eat themselves. It’s called the humanisation of dogs and it’s a growing trend. With this in mind we took a radical step with the packaging design to make it look more like a ready meal for humans and something you might expect to see on the supermarket ready meal shelf!

The wet food trays were launched to great acclaim and with impressive orders to match. And if that wasn’t enough proof the values of the Pure & Simple brand stacked up with the consumer, to the client’s surprise there were also immediate demands for a dry food equivalent.

The dry food range was efficiently put into production and launched to market at the Interzoo show in Nuremberg. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the complete Pure & Simple range has been on sale, with sales steadily increasing, since September 2014.

Let us do what we are best at, give us a call or drop us a line and we can help launch your product to market with measurable results.

Dog line Illustration

Extending the line of reach to win over a wider audience

RQA logo
Our ten years of experience made us the perfect choice to rebrand and reposition a respected and loyal client.
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Quasar Covers
  • Barqa and RQA brand logos
  • Quasar, RQA magazine
  • RQA Prospectus
  • Collection of RQA Booklets
  • RQA Publications Leaflet

The trick with the rebrand was to appeal to both old and new members alike.

RQA (formerly BARQA), is an association dedicated to informing and advancing its members and providing status and visibility for individuals concerned with the quality of research in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, chemicals and medical devices.

The Line had been working with BARQA for nearly ten years, when in 2012 they announced a change of name to RQA and asked us to create the new branding. The brand needed to evolve to reflect a change in direction for the Association and to make it more appealing to a younger, global audience, while not offending the older and possibly more conservative membership.

The new branding and corporate style has been applied to all their collateral including Quasar, the quarterly members’ magazine, the prospectus publications and RQA conference brochures. We have slowly  continued to support the new brand with the revision of other RQA literature inclusive of handbooks, folders and of course, the RQA annual report.

Creating the new identity and good application of the brand has helped RQA remain a prominent body of expertise in their industry and they have seen a marked increase in their membership. This increase has brought them many opportunities globally including jointly holding the first European QA Conference in conjunction with the French and German associations.

If you need help evolving your brand identity for future growth, give us a call or

Clipboard and magnifying glass line illustaration

We designed and delivered a colourful line up of literature

Interface logo
Exceeding the client’s expectations and working to a tight deadline is all part of our service.
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Interface Brochures
  • Interface open brochure

To brighten up a dry subject, we made a splash. 

Interface Enterprises offer support services for vulnerable children and families, their audiences are influential bodies within schools, local authorities, housing associations and industry bodies across the UK.

Interface needed to quickly revamp the design of their B2B brochures. They briefed us to update and refresh all publications, to add consistency across the range and if possible make them easier to read, all in time for their annual conference just two weeks later. 

To add clarity to the Interface offering we strategically added a splash of colour, making each sector easily identifiable and then reviewed the content to ensure it was easier to navigate the complex content.

Very well received, the brochures have raised Interface’s profile, enabling them to extend their offering to new sectors and increased their professional credibility amongst their ever-expanding customer base. They also make a pretty little bunch, even if we say so ourselves!

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We created 98 new lines for a major retailer

Developing two great brands, designing all the packaging and delivering on a very tight deadline… that’s what we do.
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DIY packaging with a distinct advantage.

When British paintbrush manufacturer Hamilton was asked to challenge category thinking in the decorating tools sector, they called us for our expertise. We designed and presented brand concepts for two new ranges of paintbrushes, rollers and decorating tools for leading DIY retailer B&Q.

We understood that Hamilton didn’t want a product that was everything to everyone, and with the end user in mind, we created two brands with their own distinct identities.

Vantage was devised with a premium look and feel, for the experienced decorator focused on quality of the finish. Easy was designed to be approachable and familiar, offering reassurance to the growing number of female DIY enthusiasts.

All products were packaged with their own new identity, supported by the Hamilton brand, giving consumers instant confidence in the quality and heritage of the products.

We quite literally stood category thinking on its head when we rotated the paintbrushes to hang from the handle, challenging the sector’s approach and the limitations of the packaging.

Research showed that most consumers want to feel the paintbrushes, in particular the bristles, to determine the quality of the product, so we were careful to leave the bristles free when we designed the packaging.

If you are looking for an innovative approach to your category, give us a call or

Paint Tin and Brush

We launched a top of the line dog food brand

Our powerful branding and clever positioning made Lovejoys® an award-winning success within 12 months of launch.
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  • Lovejoys Brand Image

Lovejoys® a dog food brand with a difference.

In August 2012 Su-Bridge Pet Supplies Ltd, a leading wholesaler in the pet retail market, asked us to create a brand for a new premium dog food, targeted at the independent retailer market.

Working closely with the client, we created the Lovejoys® brand from scratch, establishing everything from the unique positioning and sales proposition through to the creation and development of the brand’s identity. This was closely followed by the launch of a fully integrated marketing campaign targeted at wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

Lovejoys® was launched just 16 weeks later in December 2012, has now won over 400 retail accounts and is quickly establishing itself as a major player in the pet food market, with innovative new products launching throughout 2014.

We know how to create brands and take them to market, if you would like to know more…

Dog line Illustration

We successfully laid a new free range egg brand on the line

Creating a new brand with sound, logical thinking delivered strong sales and customer loyalty.
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Kitt Campbells Egg Packaging

Branding designed with built-in heritage and provenance. 

Glenrath Farms used our expertise to produce a viable independent brand for free range eggs, to compete with both own label and other branded offerings in one of the UK’s major supermarket .

Working closely with the client we completed in-depth market research and clearly identified where the opportunity lay within the sector with a reassuring, consumer focussed, free range offering.

Kitty Campbell is a member of the family who own Glenrath Farms. We made use  of the young, female farmer angle, retaining a strong ‘farmers market’ feel to present an easily acceptable and likeable brand to the consumer.

The brand successfully managed to establish a strong position in the market and the product delivered a premium, competitively priced choice for consumers and Kitty Campbell’s is now a familiar brand in Tesco.

We know how to create the perfect packaging to get your product 
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Chicken line Illustration

We lined up some names for legal indemnity experts

We used creative campaigns to make ISIS stand apart in the competitive world of legal indemnities.
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Using expertise to convey a direct message.

Working together since Countrywide Legal Indemnities launched ISIS, a specialist conveyancing company staffed by industry experts to underwrite more complex risks, we have created both a strong brand and a look and feel that effectively communicates their unique proposition.

Since then, ISIS has elegantly evolved into a distinct and trusted brand, successfully distinguished from its parent company and continuing to exceed projections year on year in a highly competitive industry.

In the last six years, we have developed several interesting and engaging campaigns involving advertising, direct mail, e-shots, promotional gifts and desk calendars that have become highly sought after.

It is always a rewarding challenge to conceive an inspiring new campaign, their most recent, has a strong play on words, using the names of the companies experts to complete a carefully copy written headline, as ever this campaign got a great response.

If you need help making direct mail campaigns work for your business, give us a call or

Quill Pen and Ink line illustration

It’s just our cup of tea*

*It’s also our cup of coffee, piece of cake, bread, cookies, muffins, fruit, granola and much, much more!
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For 27 years we’ve been helping our customers in the retail and FMCG sectors to develop and grow their brands, it’s definitely our cup of tea.

And right now we’re looking to stir things up with some fresh challenges and we are keen to share our knowledge and experience with another client or two, maybe over a brew.

So if you think your marketing is a bit stewed and needs a bit of a fresh, stronger flavour, just drop us a line…


We always bring home the bacon*

*And the eggs, sausages, bread, poultry, red meat, cakes, crisps, beer, coffee, tea, cereals and much, much more!
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We’ve been cooking up great creative concepts for our customers in the retail and FMCG sectors for more than 27 years now and we’re always on the lookout for a fresh challenge.

With our knowledge and experience we’ve got the right ingredients to help, whatever’s on your plate. We’re always looking to give some briefs a grilling for another client or two, so if you need to put some sizzle back into your marketing, just give us a call.


We know our onions*

* We also know our eggs, apples, cakes, beer, crisps, bread, coffee, tea, cereals and much, much more!
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With our experience of design and strategic marketing within the retail and FMCG sectors, we have taken dozens and dozens of products to market with positive, measurable results. 

If you would like to know more about how we can develop layer upon layer of strategic thinking and creative design to produce brilliant branding and packaging for you.